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Eco—sustainable shoe lasting:
Project REVERSE™

From Moccasin to Goodyear, same process, -25% costs, 100% eco-sustainable

The innovation of the patented REVERSE™system lies in revolutionizing the lasting process: the upper can now be directly joined to the sole only through the seam. The operation is performed with the upper inside out and without the use of the last.

This system allows many advantages, both in economic terms and in terms of quality and comfort of the finished product:

  1. Greater Flexibility
  2. No adhesives
  3. No nails

Completely ecological footwear

On the level of advantages for your Production you have:

  1. Material savings of approximately 25%
  2. Less machinery
  3. Less manpower and therefore less space required in your plant.

Processing is very simple and does not require particular experience; it can therefore be carried out almost entirely in an upper factory.

You can make several different models of footwear for men, women or children (moccasin, ballerina, sports models, etc.), using both natural and traditional materials. In fact, leather, rubber, Eva, TPU and polyurethane soles can be used while the upper can be in natural leather or synthetic material. The choice is yours.

As an example, solutions for moccasins have been one of our business’ core competences since its foundations, in 1978.

CIUCANI has developed and patented solutions for moccasins lasting following the traditional process as well as revolutionizing this processing through the REVERSE™ system, allowing for a moccasin to be made by upside down stitching, avoiding the last, without glue or adhesives for a high quality, completely eco-sustainable footwear.

CIUCANI machinery implementing the REVERSE™ system is XM13 (Link to the XM13 machine)

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