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Our product at your service. At your service for our product. Customers at the heart of our business.

The effectiveness of CIUCANI Mocassino Machinery passes through a range of first-rate services: international after-sales assistance, consultancy for the creation of your product, yarns and materials for high quality standards, customization of the machinery for your production needs.

Speed and guaranteed result.


There is no sewing machine without a prompt and effective assistance service empowering you to reduce your downtimes to a minimum. This is why CIUCANI is extremely careful to guarantee you an immediate after-sales assistance service both throughout Italy and abroad, thanks to its worldwide network built up over the last 40 years.


Thanks to almost half a century of experience in the field of footwear and leather goods, CIUCANI is now able to provide you with an encompassing consultancy service on the product you want to create: from your idea of the shoe to the final product. Thorough knowledge of the final product combined with the accumulated technical knowledge and the many solutions developed and perfected over the years, allow us today to provide you with a service ensuring the highest quality and efficiency standards (200-300 pairs per day) in your factories.


The materials used in your products are of primary importance. Their quality is essential, both for you and your end customer. Ensuring ease of use and making sure your production will avoid downtimes is strategic to reduce your costs. Over the years, CIUCANI has developed high quality yarns, specifically for your productions, which guarantee the final result you seek; that your production does not stop. CIUCANI yarns mean safety in production.


Only by understanding what the market needs one can develop the appropriate technology for shoemaking. Behind each of our solutions there is a careful analysis of the market trends, translated into sewing machines and systems suitable for your current and future productions. For each specific detail to be sewn, CIUCANI is able to customize its machines to make your product: the quality and the yields you need. A never ending research and development activity through its 100 and more patents that make up our corporate heritage. Our contribution to Made in Italy.

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