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GoodYear FLEX ciucani

The most flexible and comfortable goodyear construction shoe ever

Ciucani has designed a new patented system for the construction of classic men’s footwear, GOODYEAR FLEX.

The system, feasible through CIUCANI shoe machinery, allows for several advantages for the final product:

• Greater flexibility
• Absence of nails
• Extremely limited use of adhesives and glues

With respect to production advantages:

• Lower labor costs (less workforce needed)
• Reduction of machinery and workspaces needed
• Savings on materials and leather of approximately 25%

With the final result being one of the most important achievements to date for the industry: an eco sustainablefootwear.

To implement such a system in your plant, CIUCANI has a complete organization at your disposal, ranging from support for shoe design to consulting for raw materials procurement, up to training of staff and the realization of projects and prototypes.

The system allows the following variants of a shoe to be created on the basis of Goodyear:

• Goodyear FLEX
• Goodyear RIB
• Goodyear Tirol Style
• Goodyear Norwegian Style
• Goodyear Injected Sole

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