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Project Glue-free Shoe
Project Glue-free Shoe - NUVOLA

Your eco-sustainable shoe

Recently, Ciucani Mocassino Machinery has launched a new system, to make sneakers completely without glue. The result is an extremely flexible, healthy, comfortable, eco-sustainable shoe: the total absence of adhesives spares the risk of feet poisoning while breathing.

This article from Arsutoria (https://arsutoriamagazine.com/glueless-sneakers/) summarizes the characteristics of the system. Depending on the customer’s needs, we have devised three options:

  • Goodyear Sneaker, that is a glue-free sneaker built on a model of Goodyear manufacturing using leather insole with channeling
  • Glue-free sneaker with leather insole
  • Glue-free sneaker with internal felt sole and fussbett, a solution with lower production costs but still comfortable and sustainable.


This system has also been perfected for children’s footwear.

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